Pretty remarkable in a league where you are not supposed to be able to turn franchises around quickly..... and maybe the best part is this team can play much better than they have.... there is ample room for improvement on the offensive end..... they still are getting used to each other - the variety of defenses they are facing -  and how best to combat them....overpassing is an issue but hey - if you gotta have issues overpassing is not a bad one to have...... what has been truly remarkable is the defense....they lead the NBA in FG% defense and steals.....Posey , Garnett , Perkins, Tony Allen, and Rondo are quality defenders....Pierce and Ray Allen have raised their defensive games to levels not expected or seen in awhile...and Pollard, Scalabrine, and Davis have all contributed on that end of the floor...... Scal has played very well on both ends and is now the player he was when he made such an impression in NJ..... he's just one of those guys who knows how  to play well with great players..... that may sound easy but it is not... in fact it is very hard.... Davis is going to be hard to keep on the bench... he is skilled with size...a nice combination.... barring an unforeseen stumble on Friday.... Sunday nite vs Orlando shapes up as a terrific game..... .best of the season so far.... lots of good story lines.... KG vs Howard....Ray Allen vs former teammate Rashard Lewis ..... and wouldn't a win be a nice moment for Doc in what has been a difficult personal couple of weeks.

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